15 complicit in sample manipulations either through external pressure or financial incentives. We interviewed the Director, Dr. Agnes Tiszeker, and Ms. Barbara Kallo, a senior DCO within the organisation. We have concluded that Dr. Aján has not attempted to influence Ms. Kallo in the course of her work as a DCO. We have also concluded there is no evidence to support any allegations of HUNADO being complicit in sample manipulation and they have not conducted themselves in contravention of the WADA Code while acting as the Sample Collection Authority. In sum, as it relates to doping, Dr. Aján abdicated his responsibility of putting in place a functional and transparent anti-doping process and clean up his sport. The IWF is an organisation in need of resuscitation and fundamental foundational restoration. There is much work to do. Financial records remain hidden. People with knowledge of the real story are not talking. The Anti-Doping issues will likely be avoided in the future because of the outsourcing of the processes to the International Testing Agency. While there are antidoping matters of the past that require correction there should not be similar issues going forward.